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Neil Crump

Chief Data Officer, Worcestershire Office of Data Analytics (Woda)
Worcestershire County Council (Confirmed)

Chief Data Officer for Worcestershire Office of Data Analytics – the UK’s first jointly funded data focused organisation that represents all local public sector agencies (NHS, Police, Fire, County, Districts, and our Local Enterprise Partnership). In the public sector, Neill was Head of Digital Transformation and Customer Services at Worcestershire County Council where he delivered their World Class Digital Council aspirations by transforming culture, processes, and systems to support Worcestershire citizens, businesses, partners and employees. In the private sector, Neill has delivered Global and European digital and data consulting assignments at firms such as Vodafone, Sony, Diageo, Unilever and Danone.  One such role was as Programme Director of a £500m transformation programme across 18 countries.

  • Establishing Woda, a lean start-up jointly funded by the NHS, Police, County, Districts and Fire and Local Enterprise Partnership
  • Using data analytics to inform the design, commissioning, delivery and evaluation of our services, driving transformational change in outcomes for our residents
  • Integrating digital and data in the social care academy an recruiting a new wave of digital and data talent
  • Ensuring that digital and data strategy receives HR and top level support to align to an organisation’s corporate strategy