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Bill Parnham

Head of the Risk and Intelligence Service, Counter Fraud and Compliance Directorate
DWP (Confirmed)

Bill Parnham is a Senior Civil Servant at the Department for Work and Pensions. He currently works in the Counter Fraud and Compliance Directorate, leading the department’s Risk and Intelligence Service (RIS). RIS is a new function in DWP, aiming to better target fraud and error risk through the better use of data, intelligence and technology. Bill has spent nearly 20 years as a civil servant, working in a number of different key policy areas and projects, including supporting the development of new secure online digital services. Bill is also a senior leader in the analysts profession community working across DWP. Outside of work Bill has a young family, which takes up most of his spare time, but is also involved in running grassroots youth football in his local area.

  • Developing the next generation artificial intelligence and data science tools to look at the security challenges faced by large business and government organisations
  • Using a combination of new and established artificial intelligence, network science and machine learning techniques to improve the identification of fraud
  • Expanding the scope of the project to intrusion detection for cyber-security, and detecting faults in safety monitoring systems